Hey there ya’ll! My name is Sarah… it’s nice to meet you!

Fun fact: I have moved over 40 times in my life. Literally packed up and moved all my worldly possessions from place to place over 40 times. In 6th grade, I went to four different schools. Through childhood and adolescence my father’s career moved us every 2-3 years. As a kid – well at any age – it is hard to pack up and move… leaving a home, friends, and a community behind, starting over in a new place, being “the new girl”, it can be scary AF!

The one thing I looked forward to each time we moved was the fact that I got to design and create a new room: a place that was all mine. Picking out paint for the walls, new bedding, and new furniture distracted my mind. Instead of thinking about fears of starting a new school and being the awkward new kid – again! – I was thinking about painting and decorating my room.

My mother was constantly experimenting with painting and decorating aw well. It was very common to come home from school to rooms rearranged, giant trees painted on the walls, or a new accent wall added. She wasn’t afraid to try new styles, paint new colors, and experiment with new techniques she saw in magazines or on tv. She painted things like Japanese maple trees… large trees with actual birdhouses attached to the walls to make it seem three dimensional. One time she turned my room into a secret garden by painting a picket fence, flowers, birdhouses, and butterflies on my bedroom walls. She also attached lattice and flowers to the wall to make it seem more real.

This creative prowess was embedded in me at a young age and painting got me through many difficult times in life. Painting walls developed into painting furniture, painting murals, and painting any surface I can get my roller or brush on to. The experiences I’ve had, the adventures in love and life I have taken, they have all made me A Pinch Different.

Now, this creative talent I have spent my life developing is my passion & my drive… making spaces and places brighter, more colorful, more inviting and A Pinch Different.